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Canada reigns supreme as top study abroad destination: survey

Canada was at the top of the international rankings during the epidemic, according to international students. He was ranked first for the second year in a row in the 2021 rankings of “Top 10 World in the World for Overseas Road Studies,” beating the US and UK. More than 2,700 international students attended the survey, which also revealed that many students said they chose the first country over a particular university or program type.

The position is based on seven factors, including: access to quality education, the ability to help students achieve their goals of development, personal development, proficiency in a new culture or lifestyle, risk taking, learning new languages ​​and acquiring friends and expand their professional network. is an online platform that provides relevant information about study options abroad. The following are the top 10 countries in this year’s table:

Australia was the second closest, followed by Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. The other five EU countries are first: Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Spain and Denmark. Two years ago in the 2019 schedule, Canada was in fourth place while New Zealand was in first place.

Why is Canada lacking training to cross overseas in the epidemic

Government data estimates that there are more than half of the world’s (640,000) students studying in Canada, in addition to the “ever-increasing number.” Many of the world draws to work in the country during and after their studies. The High School Volunteer Program (PGWP) provides international students with the opportunity to gain critical employment experience in Canada, and is the first step to becoming a permanent resident, or regular green card in the United States.

As a bilingual country – French and English are spoken – there are many worlds to be asked about any language. Universities in Canada also have a well-known reputation – the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia and McGill University are among the top 100 in the world, according to the University of Times 2021. Scholarships in Canada and and multicultural communities are reducing prices and traditional cultures in turn.

Open boundaries for international students

Opening borders is a great design. While some countries close their borders to national citizens, Canada is doing the opposite. A study has found that some of Sydney’s first students have reportedly “left” waiting for the Australian border to reopen for them and to take some offers at British universities. Or Canadian, according to Vice Chancellor of the University of Technology Iain Watt.

“The information we get from our donor network is that students have decided to take the UK offer because the UK’s borders are open,” Western Sydney University Vice-Chancellor Barney Glover told the Sydney Morning Herald. “Although students and families are concerned about COVID, they are particularly concerned about entering the country and starting to study in the UK on the risk of COVID.” Officials have told Glover students to cancel West Coast University’s offer to British universities.

“The findings from this first study show that Canada’s value as a laboratory has improved by improving the government’s ability to control the disease,” said Jon Chew, head of research and development at Navitas. “At that time, New Zealand, Australia and Canada were at the top of the list.” The May 2020 survey follows a survey in September, where 5.1% of the world’s top scientists agree that opportunities remain in Canada for the past two months.