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Housing options for international students in Canada

Is there a letter of acceptance to study at a college or college in Canada? Good luck! The next step is to plan your student home in Canada as soon as possible.

How much you pay for your primary education in Canada will depend on the type, city and province in which you live.

Here are the main types of student life in Canada to consider:

Boarding school


School environment can mean more freedom for students. Source: Shutterstock

This means a student school nearby or on campus.

Highly recommended for seniors as you will be on (or close to) school, making it not only a great way to connect and connect with other students, but also easy to attend classes.

It can also be taken between one or the other room, with the latter having less than one room.

Some companies have the option for students to include a meal plan, which can make things easier if you live alone or go first.

Selecting this option means you will save your worries about finding furniture and it may seem to be provided with a bed, heater, table and shelf or any other storage space.

Private home


Private housing means more freedom and privacy for students. Source: Filippo Monteforte / AFP

Another popular option for international students is to rent a private home.

Charges can be shared for shared areas such as kitchen, bathroom and living room with your friends between you and your co-workers.

This can be less expensive than a school, but keep in mind that the cost and effort go up. You may have to pay for internet, heating, cable and electricity on it. If the room is not maintained, you will also need to splurge on the furniture.

Our focus is on more privacy and space for relief from school pressures.

Visa Visa recognizes that rental prices for tax campus housing can vary greatly, especially in the major cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Check out our guide on how to save money on your student home.


Being with a host family can be a great way to help international students move back to their new area easily.

Some colleges and universities are affiliated with local families who want to receive students into their homes. This usually has room while enjoying a triangular meal every day. There are also options without food ideas.

If you are interested in the homestay option, you can check out the Canadian Partner Network.

There is no better option than the other as it comes to personal preference and personal budget. Start your plans early, spend the right amount and do not hesitate to ask questions about anything you do not understand. Good luck finding your best home from home!