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Mendicino announces 2 new immigration programs for Hongkongers

On May 8, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino inaugurated two new rivers of migration, paving the way for permanent residence for eligible Hong Kong nationals in Canada who have either recently graduated or and graduated from high school.

The program is now open for applications. Mendicino first announced the measures in November 2020, and introduced a work permit option last February. The move to facilitate immigration to Hong Kong is in response to China’s National Security Act, which has led to a decline in freedom of expression. The Canadian government has condemned the arrests of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.

Voters must be eligible for temporary residency in Canada at the time they submit their application and when they are granted permanent residency. They must meet specific language, education, employment and qualification qualifications, and are subject to the Canadian Immigration application and entry requirements. To ensure residency in Hong Kong, they need to bring a valid passport issued by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China or the United Kingdom for a British citizen (foreign verse) from Hong Kong.


To qualify for Stream A’s new program, applicants need a master’s degree from the Canadian Academy of Education, which has been completed over the past three years. They must do at least half of their programming in Canada, either directly or online. The diploma program lasts at least two years. High school or high school diploma must be at least one year old, with previous credentials not exceeding five years prior to the start of the program.

Stream B is for applicants who have had at least one year of full-time employment, or 1,560 hours of full-time employment in Canada in the last three years. They also need a high school diploma completed in the last five years. High school programs that qualify exactly the same are Stream A, but they just don’t have to be completed in Canada.

To obtain a permanent residence permit, applicants must decide to reside in any province of Canada or any region except Quebec. This is because Canada does not have the authority to expand permanent residency in Quebec. Hong Kong residents living in Quebec can contact the Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) to learn more about their immigration options.

“With young Hong Kong people looking at the wall, we want them to choose Canada,” Mendicino said in a press release. “The Hong Kong Migration Board is a historic initiative, committed to attracting citizens who will continue our program. Hong Kong educators will have an unparalleled life for both to improve their careers and help accelerate our recovery. This symbolic issue will strengthen our hearts and deepen the bond between Canadians and the people of Hong Kong. ”