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More students are choosing to study in Canada over the US

The UK and Canada are now the most popular foreign search engines behind the US, according to several studies by This speaks to a decline in US popularity rather than an increase in British or Canadian interest. A similar thing happened last week – international students who decided to study in Australia have now moved to Canadian and English universities.

The United States – the most valuable country for international students in January 2018 – dropped to third place before October 2020. At the same time, the popularity of Canada and the UK increased exponentially. 3% among international students expected. The United States fell 10%, giving it a shadow of the past despite being in a position higher than Germany (fourth) and Australia (fifth).

It is no secret that 2020 is a difficult year for the United States. As the country struggles with economic crisis, COVID-19 is in a state of disarray, which is exacerbated by the health and well-being of poor countries. However, the results of the study show a slight decrease in student interest from 2018, indicating that it has nothing to do with specific events such as epidemics. Students consider several other factors, in particular.

Why do Canada, the UK prefer overseas?
To answer this question, we must first ask the question: what attracts national students? In addition to high schools, dedicated staff, and amazing resources, students are looking for a country that not only welcomes them but also offers a gun in a bright future. This focuses on immigration policy, especially post-post or ten passport choices. Other factors preceded the study of negative boundaries including language, culture, and security.

Canada has proven to be the best guide to migration, due to the country’s immigration policy which aims to fill the country with an influx of foreign visitors. The country is also fast approaching to protect the need for higher education while COVID-19. For example, many universities in Ontario are now ready to accept international students as long as they can establish their own racism. Canada is also known as a “safe and secure country” for international students in terms of control and epidemics, along with New Zealand.

On the other hand, the Trump administration has been creating a negative environment for immigrants since 2017. The Optional Training Program is floating on the ropes and has become a disaster with delays, while those with other passports also find obstacles along the way. Only time will tell if the Biden government has sent its forces to defend the international education system