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Prestigious government scholarships for international students in Canada

Teachers in Canada promote cultural exchange. They facilitate short-term exchange programs within Canadian companies, built on the years of government development between countries. If you are looking for one, here are some of the most popular scholarships among international students each year – many are also accepting applications for the 2021-22 period.

Canada-ASEAN Scholarship and Change of Education (SEED)

If you are from ASEAN (Southeast Asian Association of Southeast Asian Nations), this is your life to seek short-term exchanges in Canada. SEED faculty members conduct research and development at the college, graduate, and graduate levels. To qualify, you must study at a company in your country that is a partner; students can only apply for exchanges through their high school.

SEED is a government scholarship for undergraduate and professional students. Students enrolled in other ASEAN universities including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines may apply.


Canada-CARICOM Business Experience for the Economics Study Program

CARICOM refers to the Caribbean, which includes Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Students from member countries are invited to make occasional exchanges with the public in Canada, especially in programs or departments related to the green economy. Think smart farming, renewable energy, sustainable development, agro-forest, or coastal and fish management – you’ll be able to gain worldly knowledge while raising your skills for future work.


This study program goes back to the pioneers Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Zhou Enlai, who formed a partnership to train Chinese experts in Canada. It is open to academics or research staff, masters or undergraduate students, as well as non-students in highly skilled professions. Entrepreneurs in government, politics, law, education, administration, administration, and policy management are welcome to apply.

The full course covers four to 12 months of study in Canada. You will not join the company but live as a visiting teacher. Regular candidates travel to Canada in late February, but are expected to delay this year.

Emerging leaders in the US Program

Civilized members from Latin America and the Caribbean are following short-term exchange programs in Canada under this initiative. Applicants are offered admission to a college, student, or graduate school through their favorite Canadian institutions – as long as they return home to complete their studies. You must register with a local affiliate company to apply for this study or the world of research.


Research in the Canadian College of Education

Students from 21 African and Asian countries are eligible for these government ratings in Canada. Candidates run short-term exchange programs, with the help of partner companies in their country. Since many countries are participating, you can expect to start this journey with a diverse group of professionals, who will lay the foundation for your global network of education. There are at least 50 scholarships for the 2021-22 academic year and this number is set to increase each year.

Canada-CARICOM Education Program

Yes, online science already exists. This unique option invites candidates to study one of three programs remotely: social work, travel, or college and college care. It is only open to applicants from CARICOM countries, who can plan their future in Canada with the possibility of getting 100% online.